Nostalgia is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Pagle US PvE. We have a casual raiding schedule, but a hardcore raiding atmosphere. The guild is built from a core of former top 25 US players that no longer have the time to commit to a rigorous schedule, but still want to experience all that WoW Classic has to offer. Nostalgia was created in order to provide a semi-hardcore raiding experience on a 2 day schedule that appeals to both PST and EST players.


Raid Schedule:

Friday: 9:00pm to 12:00pm EST
Sunday: 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST

We plan to have a relatively light raiding schedule; however, we are focusing on efficiency, limiting mistakes, and player skill to ensure that content is cleared quickly. Friday is our main raid day, with Sunday as an extra raid day, which will be used during progression. As we progress into the later phases of the WoW Classic release schedule, an option raid will be created on Saturday to alleviate the amount of time spent on farm content on the Friday and Sunday raids. This additional raid on Saturday will contain farm content, such as Molten Core, Blackwing Lair, and twenty man content. Raiders are not expected to maintain any sort of attendance on the Saturday raid, and this particular raid day is open to Raiders and Members.




While we likely won’t compete with the hardcore guilds in terms of speed of progression, we expect to be one of the best, if not the best, semi-hardcore guild in the US. Nostalgia strives for raid efficiency and will continually try to improve in order to achieve individual DPS rankings, boss kill times, and speed clears. In order to achieve this, we expect that all members of the guild put in the necessarily work in order to preform better from week to week. This will also involve becoming better as a team. Throughout the course of the raid tier we will tinker with raid strategies, specs,  and raid comp, in order to become more efficient. It’s expected that all members be able to adapt to changes, even during farm content.


We expect that all members of the raiding team come to each raid prepared. This means that all encounters are researched and the player has a understanding of what is to come prior to entering each raid. Nostalgia expects all members to come to raids prepared with all consumables that are required for their class and role. However, with the extremely high population size of the server, not all consumables are required for potential ridiculous monetary reasons, we ask that members bring what they can afford. Similarly, while attaining world buffs is not required in Nostalgia, it will certainly help the team if one has time available to commit to this kind of extra preparation.


We expect that all members of the guild treat each other with respect. All members will work towards the overall goal of the guild, and not focus on personal gains. Any situation in which a person is causing conflict within the guild, putting themselves above the team, or causing any other drama that guild leadership deems unnecessary, will result in the person being swiftly removed from the guild. Players of all kinds are welcomes to join the guild; however, we expect that all members of the raiding team maintain an average attendance of 75%.


Looting Policies:

Upon a boss kill during an official guild raid, all loot will be directly looted to the Master Looter, and the raid will begin focus on progressing to the next boss. All loot from the Master Looter will be looted to the raid at a time deemed most efficient during the raid. To distribute loot, we will be using a fair and transparent loot council system for all 40-man raids. The loot council will consist of seven members, made up of both officers, role leads, and an elected position from the pool of core raiders. The elected position is to be rotated at the beginning of every week. The council will distribute all loot as they see fit; however, the following factors will be used as an input to their decisions:

1. Future Guild Needs
2. Player Attendance
3. Player Performance
4. Upgrade Magnitude 5. Player Contribution

All items of epic quality will be distributed to the player with the most votes from the loot council. In the event of a tie, a /roll will occur between all members that are still in contention. All unneeded BoP items will be disenchanted, and the materials stored in the guild bank. All unneeded BoE items will go to the guild bank. Items of legendary quality will be distributed to a specific player that is decided upon prior to the raid. The person assigned to received legendary items will be selected based on the same factors listed above. Trading of loot that has been given to a player by the loot council is prohibited.



Guild Master: Mancakee
Raid Leader:  Jamesfirkin
Officer:      Nightskylar (Supr)
Officer: Berean
Officer: Peggybundy
Ranged Lead: Dazarth
Melee Lead: Ryofuko
Healing Lead: Krima


Loot Council:



Profession Council:

The profession council consists of those members that have been selected to hold important recipes and patterns for each profession. Each profession will have a primary and secondary member selected, which will represent the people that will receive important patterns and recipes first. Any drops which the primary and secondary members already have will go to normal distribution.

Enchanting:        Krima; Achillesrage
Blacksmithing:     Mancake 
Alchemy:           Achillesrage
Tailoring:         Suprfrosty
Leatherworking:    Yjichi
Engineering:       Ryofuko
Mining:            Mancake
Skinning:          Yjichi
Herbalism          Nightskylar